16th and Caledonia Fire Was Allegedly Arson

The current theory held by residents of the building that burned this Saturday is that the blaze was started by by a recently-evicted tenant. The disgruntled tenant allegedly set a mattress on fire and left the gas stove on as an act of revenge. SF Appeal has more on this development.

I have a couple of friends who lived in the building who lost a great deal of their belongings. It’s not the fire that causes all the damage. Water from the sprinklers does a lot of harm, too. I hope for their sake they find this (alleged) asshole.

As you may have heard, there was also an unrelated shooting involving three victims on the corner of 17th and Mission later that evening. Not a good night for that block.

[Photo by Army of Robots]


Fire on 16th and Caledonia

6 Responses to “16th and Caledonia Fire Was Allegedly Arson”

  1. Ariel Dovas says:

    Fortunately it was a great night for the next block over!

  2. AnonCow says:

    Who would shop at a place called “The Rapy”


  3. Radio Bemba says:

    Caledonia ends at 16th; Esta Noche is on the corner of Rondel – that runs behind TheRapy.

  4. jegskaltisse says:

    Losing your home to a fire is so so lame. I feel for the residents of that building.

  5. L says:

    Did anyone else see a squatter/punk-looking guy with a top hat climb the fire escape facing Mission Street? Did he have anything to do with it?