Commonhunts Wealthy D

Looks like the now open Commonwealth decided to keep the unearthed Hunt’s Quality Donuts sign for the time being. The El Herradero sign was not so fortunate.

Wanna bet that they’ll have a tribute donut dish on the menu? I can’t go there yet because they politely asked us early donor certificate holders to chill for a few weeks while they get off the ground.

Our business manager would like me to add: “As you know, cash management is a challenge for new businesses. We’d really like Commonwealth to be around for the long term, and these first few weeks are key. Ask them to wait a little bit, maybe a month, before using the gift certificates.”

[Photo by David Gallagher]


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7 Responses to “Commonhunts Wealthy D”

  1. Brillo says:

    So weird to white out the windows like a porn shop. Are they preventing people from seeing in, or out?

  2. sc says:

    Someone posted a really good report about Commonwealth on I can’t wait to try it out soon.

  3. marK says:

    ‘Looks like the now open Commonwealth decided to keep the unearthed Hunt’s Quality Donuts sign for the time being’

    ..maybe they’re already running into cash-flow problems. Promotion is a pretty big part of any opening. Will def. check it out at least once though.

  4. candlestickkid says:

    Windows are covered in the front for two reasons: to keep the rift-raff from looking into this up-scale trendy looking interior, and to protect the clientele from gazing on the downtrodden street-life. Note the lack of street-front access. The place is designed for you to drive into the heavily gated parking area so that your wheels are protected and you can avoid the reality of the street. You have to seperate the ‘commonwealth’ from those colonial-types.

  5. auntie foof says:

    kombu dusted potato chips, malt vinegar espuma = seaweed on chips with fuzzy vinegar

    grilled lamb tongue with burned eggplant

    auntie foof is fearful, too much foof

  6. CIGAR says:

    This is a beautiful sign. I hope it is kept for a long time. for those of you who are new here, Hand painted signs are a hugely important part of the mission. in preserving such signs, we also preserve an aesthetic and cultural heritage which has been highly influential to the art world.