Women Dancing on the Women's Building

MM reader Andy Miller was walking down 18th Street last Thursday when he spotted a group of women dancing on–wait for it–the Women’s Building.  Soooooo meta!  I especially like the part where one of the dancers braces herself on a pole protruding from the roof while performing some sort of aerial cycling maneuver.

Unfortunately, Andy couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on, but he did manage to shoot some great video.  Anyone have any ideas?


‘Dude, crazy dancing chicks on a rooftop! Bring your camera!’

3 Responses to “Women Dancing on the Women's Building”

  1. Swifto says:

    i believe they are rehearsing for a performance for the womens building anniversary that coming up soon.

  2. Lisa Moresco says:

    What was witnessed was Flyaway Productions which is
    the brainchild of Dancer/Choreographer Jo krieter. She and her talented dancers are marking the centennial of the Women’s Building with their incredible and unique dance style so perfectly suited to outdoors. They create off the ground and apparatus-based movement.

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