Bayview In The Mission

BAYCAT In Dolores Park 2010

Two Thursdays ago our team from BAYCAT (Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts & Technology) brought our video, audio and animation students to Dolores Park to run around and have fun in the sun to celebrate the end of our summer classes. Soccer, baseball, water balloon toss and a three legged race. Pretty much making them the only people actually standing up in Dolores Park.

Here’s the music video for the song they wrote and produced with San Francisco rap producer Andre “Herm” Lewis and BAYCAT’s Will Hammond, Jr, Invisible. They wrote all their own lyrics.

Check out some more of the videos they did this summer, including a gross McDonald’s parody, RagDonald’s.

2 Responses to “Bayview In The Mission”

  1. Jo says:

    OG Herm! Good to see a mention of something not kitchy/cool…but actually cool.

  2. revcepo says:

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