I Can See 200 Yards

Armand Emamdjomeh, with recently minted diploma in hand, is throwing a party! His photos are part of Lightbox SF‘s debut of 200 Yards at Heart (Valencia and 24th) Wednesday (tonight) at 7-11 pm.

A photography project focusing on
San Francisco neighborhoods
200 yards at a time.

The premise:

200 yards is a photography experiment conceived of and presented by Lightbox SF.

First we find a venue, maybe a wine bar, office lobby, or traditional gallery. Then we put out a call to photographers to explore a 200 yard radius from the venue’s location and take pictures of whatever catches their eye. Each photographer then selects their best photos, up to 10, and submits them for possible inclusion in a photo exhibit held at the originally selected center point.

The idea behind the project is to expose local photographers, the little details that make each block of San Francisco unique, as well as the merchants that give each neighborhood its character.

Behold the 218 vara circle of interest:

Approach the semi-permeable hipster membrane this evening, if you dare!

4 Responses to “I Can See 200 Yards”

  1. Genevieve says:

    Thank you for the write we hope to see a great crowd tonight. Just to clarify, Lightbox SF is the organizer of this show and Armand is one of the many wonderful artists who participated. We’ll be organizing a new 200 Yards every few months so be sure to sign up for updates or check the website regularly, http://www.200yards.com.

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