What Went Down on 22nd Between Mission and S. Van Ness?

Reader Andy P. wants to know:

I was riding north on S Van Ness back to work and saw all kinds of commotion on 22nd street, anyone know what happened?

Luckily, tipster Eugene C. has the answer!

Nothing terribly exciting and you can’t see much in the pic, but two pickups got into an accident on 22nd at Capp in front of the El Trebol.

So there you go.  Nice work team!

UPDATE: More pics!! And word of an injury. Also, SFist has more story.

3 Responses to “What Went Down on 22nd Between Mission and S. Van Ness?”

  1. Steve says:

    Someone on SFist said it was ROOOOOOAD RRRRRRRAAAAGE! Apparently one of those trucks rammed another in to the parked car, laid on the gas for a while (to maximize ramming), then the driver ducked in to El Trebol for a bit, and then took off on foot.

  2. mr_htcht says:

    i live at this intersection and this type of stuff happens like once a week. 90% of the incidents involve El Trebol and it’s regulars. soo many guys stumbling out of that place puking on themselves and trying to drive home or doing donuts in their pick up trucks smashing into shit. two of my friend’s cars were totalled on the street over the past year from shit like this. El Trebol has got to go. way too much bs spilling out of this place.