Hot Phat Phillys Girl

From Missed Connections:

Phat Phillys Girl – You work there – m4w (mission district)

And you are one of the fucking hottest things I have ever laid eyes on…and you like the Giants! We should hang out!

So romantic! And what luck that she likes the Giants!

If you’re interested, Hot Phat Phillys Girl, click here to get in touch.

[Photo by Jennifer Yin]

8 Responses to “Hot Phat Phillys Girl”

  1. plumpy says:

    You know where she works, why are you posting a missed connection? Just walk back there, buy another sandwich, and tell her you think she’s rad. Geez.

  2. Christopher says:

    Plumpy, thats simple: Because she’s only ONE of the hottest things the person has ever seen, not THE hottest. With all the other hotness around, who has time to go all the way back for another greasy sando? it would seem in this case that a CL post might have to suffice…for now…

  3. Taca says:

    Que boludo!
    If you have to do this posting is because you don’t have the balls to go tell her that she is hot and you want her out on a date.
    Now, leave that hot chick alone, looks like she’s better off….

  4. Anon says:

    That girl IS really hot

  5. TheTens says:

    And she has the hookup at Phat Phillys. Put a ring on it. A meat and cheese and bacon slathered ring.

  6. oh says:

    you can’t ask someone out while they’re working (most likely you wont get a date because they’re working! and the boss probably wouldnt be cool with that) but you can go back and talk to her enough where she gets to know you, then something could happen after that. Stop being 12 and man up. None of the missed connections shit. If she’s that hot and you’re doing missed connections, you’re probably too much of a puss for her anyways.

  7. ladylay says:

    oooo yeah, the hottest THING around, gotta HAVE her on a date…now that’s sweet talk!

  8. statutoryApe says:

    Shes also like 19, I asked her once, just be aware of that if your 30 ya creepers. ;)

    She is hot though…