B. Hamilton

I saw this band B. Hamilton at Amnesia on Friday, and they blew me away! Frontman Ryan has a voice like a very gruff and masculine angel, and the band — even on an off night, apparently — produces all these beats and rhythms and sounds that make you want to drink and dance and drink and dance and drink and dance!

Pop over to their website and try out this song called “Miss Carolina.” Smells like a hit to me!

P.S. F.Y.I. I brought some babes, as requested.

6 Responses to “B. Hamilton”

  1. Madalynn says:

    That show was awesome!! The ratio of babes to bros slightly favored the bros but glad there were a few of us babes there to represent.

  2. thomass says:

    Babes in this city need to get more like New York babes. Babes in New York to guys are the way guys are to guys here, I like that. I know this is a gay city and all but straight girls have gotta get the bear-esque attitude NYC girls have.

  3. dave winfield says:


  4. JCP says:

    Smells like shit to me!

  5. msonatke says:

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