Would You Pick It Up?

An ethical dilemma for a rainy Sunday.  Sure, the owner of the Faggio would obviously prefer finding his scooter upright upon returning, but would you be doing him a disservice by preventing him from knowing that something happened to his ride?  Assume there is no damage–does it matter if he knows?

Wait, what if the owner saw you propping it back up and assumed you knocked it over?!?  Would could you say then?  Have any of you ever gotten into trouble for mistimed altruism?

Confused?  Luckily, it’s Sunday, so you can always go off and see a minister.

7 Responses to “Would You Pick It Up?”

  1. Travis says:

    Its always a good gesture to pick up a scooter. No one likes to walk out and see their baby lying on its side. If you really want some good karma (like coming back as a monarch butterfly karma) just leave a note that says “I found your bike on the ground and stood it back up. You might want to look for any damage.”

  2. Moi Ettoi says:

    So the owner of the scooter is a he? Pretty presumptuous.

  3. Drew says:

    I wouldn’t touch it.
    I guess I’ve lived here too long.

  4. gussie says:

    Once an SUV knocked over my scooter and some neighborhood old ladies and hipsters blocked him in the street while he cursed them til they got his plate #. They kindly stood my scooter back up and left me a note (I met one of ladies later who told me the tale).

    My awesome Mission neighbors are more awesome than you.

  5. tgp says:

    Absolutely pick it up! I’ve had my bikes knocked over a few times, and it always dulls the sting a little bit to know that there is someone out there who is kind in equal measure to the jerkiness of the person who hit and ran.

  6. Heather Puckett says:

    FWI: I own a scooter and it causes damage every time it is knocked over. The minimal is that the handle for the break will snap off. this is a 40$ fix. If it is left knocked over then gas will fluid the air-filter and thats another 50$, and if you hit it over hard, then it will break the entire breaking system and thats another 110$. So yeah, dont knock over scooters. and if you see them pick them up.