Some of These Band Names Make Me Cringe

Yeah, Bottom of the Hill definitely seems to host a fair amount of acts with terrible names. And they all seem to want to advertise how terrible their names are by putting their stickers on the bathroom wall for everyone to see. Curious.

What band names make you cringe?

15 Responses to “Some of These Band Names Make Me Cringe”

  1. piratesnack says:

    I was living in Chicago many years ago, and I still recall walking by the Double Door and seeing on the marquee that the bands “Milkplow” and “Piss Bucket” were playing.

  2. Grego says:

    I heard that World Rift Cheesecake was playing down at the Rickshaw Stop last week.

    Also billed last month was Watermelon Iconoclast, with openers: Dogs of Straw, and Toilet.

    • Stratokastor says:

      Is that the same World Rift Cheesecake that was formerly known as World Fair Massacre (before they ditched the death metal in favor of pretentious electronica)?

  3. J. Jonah Jameson says:

    Back in the day I used to get red-faced barking mad about groups with reprehensible names like the infamous “Millennium Wharf Rat”. I can still remember how I felt the first time I saw their poster. (Though I can’t feel it anymore now that I’m medicated as medically necessary.) How about “Corundum Lactation”, what does it even mean? Has someone unearthed a goddam mammalian ruby?

  4. El Jeffe says:

    Why do they make you cringe? Because they are cliche, or not as clever as you want them to be?

    Remember: If a band is truly punk-rock, isn’t the whole point of their name to make you cringe?

    Maybe you’re just not as punk-rock as you used to be. Or maybe you never were.

  5. nicky papers says:

    there’s a band named “Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat”. while I think they’re pretty cool, their name makes me cringe for sure.

  6. Internet guy says:

    Limp Bizkit.

  7. dave says:

    Most cringeworthy name: My First Earthquake.

    Let’s face it. Live music in the City is just shit now. Of course, you’d have to have been here twelve years ago to notice the decline.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Y’think? Cuz I was here 12 years ago, and seeing a lot of live music. And I am here now, and seeing a lot of live music, and I think there is a fucking great live music scene in the city.

      • See, Herr Doktor, that guy is a perfect fit for my definition of a hipster back in a previous thread.

      • dave says:

        Really? Like who, and where?

        12 years ago there many times more venues for live music than there are now. Agree?
        12 years ago there were many more practice spaces for bands than there are now. Agree?

        Not all the bands were great 12 years ago, that’s for sure. But there is simply no comparison with today. SF is a shitty place to see music these days compared to other cities and compared to the SF of 12 years ago. There are hardly any venues and hardly any bands. This is partly because the new gentrified SF is too expensive for musicians to live in, and partly because SF has embraced the techno culture; as a result, there are far fewer clubs and far fewer practice spaces.

  8. why says:

    yeah – and what about gob-shite & monkey nut?

  9. Ka-Zar says:

    Latin Acid Swine.
    Fokker Death Reich.
    Quadraplegic Pansy.
    The Cringers.

    These are the band names which have come before. Beware their awesome might.

  10. phishrulez says:

    I don’t know – not a big fan of the name Maus Haus. It reminds me of a Mickey Mouse Vampire Halloween special – but they rock so whatever. Every band you play in you probably spend too much time thinking of the name – always remind yourselves: “if we’re actually good (which you probably won’t be; but don’t let that stop you from trying) then it won’t matter much anyway.” Look at Phish, they have a shitty name and they suck killer whale testicles but they have a legion of fans that your band doesn’t (and hopefully wouldn’t want, either).

  11. vanessa says:

    mission mission is pretty shit name.