Dolores Park South?

What’s that? You’ve never taken Dolores Street all the way south to where it terminates into San Jose Avenue? It’s a fun journey, palm-lined the whole way, like a skinny, epicly hilly, miles-long extension of Dolores Park itself. AND, according to the San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood website, that extension might get a nice little (really little) parklet-like public space at the end.

Dolores Park South, here we come!

See here if you want to know what all those letters mean.

9 Responses to “Dolores Park South?”

  1. SFDoggy says:

    This is a really bad idea; that intersection gets backed up badly already and making the turns to get on and off Dolores will only make things worse. Given the other parks nearby, it is unclear why this is necessary. And given its location (in the middle of an intersection and across from a gas station) who would want to use it?

    • Allan says:

      I would go sit there and eat my Mitchell’s ice cream cone.

      • manymachines says:

        This intersection, combined with San Jose / Randall, is one giant nightmare. It actually used to be a lot more dangerous before they made it a three-way light.

    • johnny0 says:

      Given the location of all those palm trees and the grass up and down Dolores (between two lanes of traffic) would want to use that?

      The intersection is whacked. Not exactly across from the gas station either.

      SFDoggy, what exactly *do* you propose to make the intersection better?

  2. MrEricSir says:

    The way it is now is terrible and dangerous. That intersection needs *something* and this looks like a good way forward.

  3. kwk says:

    Just walk down San Jose Ave to where it splits into Guerrero (at 28th) and you can see what these “Save Our Streets” types have thus far produced: an Urban Eyesore which is almost always empty.
    These Noe Valley housewives blocked up the little section of San Jose Ave so that delivery vans, street cleaners, DPW trucks, etc, have to back down the street because they can’t turn around. And then one of these gals was quoted in the Chronicle complaining about potholes in front of her condo, apparently ignorant of the fact that the three or four days DPW workers spent installing this “park” could have been spent fixing potholes.

    • whir says:

      What is it with the anti-parklet brigade? Nobody’s planning on blocking off Noe St any more, just relax! The parklet at Guererro isn’t the best place to hang out in the city, but I see kids playing there and it’s a nice place to hang out and eat some ice cream from Mitchell’s for a few minutes. Moreover, it’s hundreds of times better than the asphalt wasteland it used to be when that intersection was just empty space.

  4. Gillian Gillett says:

    kwk. The plaza at San Jose/Guerrero was paid for through donations – from neighborhood groups, Safeway, CPMC, Mitchell’s, and your neighbors – not with public funds. It is used regularly by the kids in the neighborhood to play basketball, by the sub-acute patients of St. Luke’s Hospital who are wheeled in by their nurses, by folks eating ice cream, by neighbors enjoying a smoke or the morning newspaper, and so on. It’s not Dolores Park, but since previously this was a dangerous intersection clogged with illegally parked cars, it’s an improvement.

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