Valencia Kung Fu

A local martial artist demonstrates the deadly infinity kick.

[via chriskalani, a guy visiting from Portland]

4 Responses to “Valencia Kung Fu”

  1. I think this explains how that picture of that guy, several weeks ago, on BART with his pants at mid-thigh, happened to end up that way.

    Sorry about the syntax of that sentence; I’m trying to write with a hand-full of bourbon.

  2. Guero says:

    Best thing you’ve had on here in a while…

  3. chriskalani says:

    Yeah, that was pretty much the highlight of my trip. I hope he doesn’t come after me for royalties, this is going viral.

  4. MrEricSir says:

    You know what’s weird? I was eating at Sunflower the other day, and I looked out the window, and that same guy walked by, got up on the newspaper stand, and did the same thing!