KUSF Memories: I Am Naked

For some reason I had a car for a few weeks like six or seven years ago, and I was driving back to the Mission after some kind of late-night study session at SF State. KUSF was on the radio. I heard this song “I Am Naked” and I loved it. I Googled it when I got home and promptly downloaded it and a bunch more Stereo Total. Thanks, KUSF, for teaching me about Stereo Total.

SFist has all the details of the sale of KUSF right here.

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9 Responses to “KUSF Memories: I Am Naked”

  1. ian mackaye says:

    I love Stereo Total! They played at Slim’s late last summer, great show in every way.

    • tofupuppy says:

      YES! I was the random girl dancing alone cuz no one would go with me on a weeknight :)

      • miaumiau says:

        Holy coincidence! I was also a random girl dancing alone cos no one would go with me on a weeknight! Well that and I’m the only person I ‘know’ who digs Stereo Total.

        Did you come on stage with everyone at the end?

  2. meligrosa says:

    cute story =)
    i loved listening to deejayschmeejay leaving one of my exboyfriends house in the AMs, near usf. a few years ago. i had a little radio walkman cuz I refuse to buy into the whole ipod shit. then by the time I got to school it would lose signal and id turn to fernando+greg.

  3. sean says:

    This is completely on & off topic but WTF ever happened to Eats Tapes?!?! Can they PLEASE play some SF shows SOOOOOOOOON?!

  4. KUSFWTF says:

    Worst news ever. During Friday garage sales they gave out free tix to pretty much every show in the city (and some in Oakland). They’d also give away a free Arizmendi pizza, like the whole thing. You didn’t have to answer some trivia about some obscure band and you’d always get through. Weird that there isn’t more noise about this; San Francisco doesn’t have a college radio station, people. This is huge and terribly sad, like a girlfriend I had in high school.

  5. triple0 says:

    Six or seven years ago?

    You sure you didn’t AltaVista it…?