Freaky Dream

I walked over to 24th Street to get some lunch, and every single business was gated off or boarded up, and crews were removing all signage and painting every single building uniform shades of red, yellow and blue. It looked like Lego. Freaky!

(I imagine this had something to do with this week’s Discolandia drama. Also, I had a dream Bob Odenkirk from Mr. Show was yelling at me about something.)

[Photo by tweetsweet]

3 Responses to “Freaky Dream”

  1. am says:

    i have a strong feeling that Bob Odenkirk yells at most people about something. he just sorta gives off that vibe & i love him ever so much.

  2. tacotron says:

    too much time in druggatuchetts alan? haha

  3. JP says:

    The sign’s iconic presence in the famous Carnival mural above the House of Brakes on the SE corner of South Van Ness and 24th St. should be a part of the supporting arguments for historical preservation.