Job Interview Blues

Renée (pictured) walks us through a tough one:

“We like brain puzzles here. Do you like brain puzzles?”

I can’t think of anything I like less, sir.

He begins. “Get out some paper.”

“You have 22 socks in a drawer. Half are red, half are green. If you are choosing them randomly, how long before you have a pair?”

The answer is three, of course. And I come to that eventually, though not before I am done administering fractional half-lives and pension plans for each individual sock.

“Simple thinking is the virtue of the unimaginative!” I say, losing.

You see, she’s too creative a thinker for her own good. Read on for more brain puzzles and whimsy.


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3 Responses to “Job Interview Blues”

  1. kwk says:

    “. . . how long before you have a pair?”

    The answer is two, you’ll have a pair of socks after picking out two. They may not be the same color but that wasn’t asked.

  2. MrEricSir says:

    Brain teaser interview questions are a waste of time on the surface, but really it’s more of an excuse to chat with a candidate to see if they’re a decent person and/or at least pretend to give a shit.

    Sounds like Renee failed at that last part.