Oldies Night goodies

Oldies Night at the Knockout was a blast as usual. Here are a couple gems that really made the grade:

Primo spun this one I think a total of three times, because the crowd demanded it. It got better every time, and I think it’s about to get even better RIGHT NOW:

(And, don’t forget, Primo’s bringing his skills to Mission United tonight. And there’s free food.)

2 Responses to “Oldies Night goodies”

  1. Oh sweet jeebus — Wayne Cochran, the Donald Trump of my generation. (Yes, Donald Trump is all yours.) The kind of guy that you might want to listen to, if you didn’t have to see him. And then you think — “Why the fuck am I even listening to this guy?!”

  2. Pp says:

    hhahaha that Wayne Cochran track is cheesy but it gets the job done