Twitter and gentrification

This week’s edition of Necessary Conversation opens with a fun gag about Twitter’s hot new tax break:

4 Responses to “Twitter and gentrification”

  1. meowmixSF says:

    The tax break isn’t to attract Twitter, it’s to prevent Twitter from leaving. Shame on that very rich corporation for blackmailing San Francisco.

    • just sayin’ says:

      Twitter has yet to turn a profit, not a single dime, so I’m not so sure about your “very rich corporation” statement. Also, the tax they are trying to get out of is a tax that no other large city in the state has.

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    I liked the part about shit being everywhere on the sidewalk. I wish pieces of shit could Twitter. They’d be all: What’s that smell?@PieceOfShitOnSidewalk

  3. Well Fed says:

    corpus nerd is dead on.

    ps. i really enjoyed that. good job! totally gonna watch more.