Hangin’ with the Guardian Angels

We mentioned last week that the San Francisco Chronicle’s Phil Bronstein was seen hanging out with some Guardian Angels in the Mission. Today, the results of that hang were published in video form:

Bronstein has more to say here.

(Thanks, Katie!)

10 Responses to “Hangin’ with the Guardian Angels”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    Oh dear.

  2. ciao says:

    definitely got some mixed feelings about this. on the one hand they are keeping an eye on the neighborhood and probably deterring some violent crime. on the other hand the clips of them pouring beer out, checking for muni passes, burning documents, that didn’t really sit well with me. i’m fairly certain some due process is required before you take someone’s documents, declare them forgeries and then burn them.

    • “probably deterring some violent crime”

      Really? Do they ever stay in one place long enough for anyone to gather statistics on this?

      Lots of evidence of the other, though. I gather, though, that their real mission, judging by those actions, and the rhetoric of their attacks on criticism, is to prove that the common citizen is a wimp and a weakling, and that they are the only righteous men.

  3. MrEricSir says:

    The article sheds light on what many of us have suspected, namely that the Guardian Angels don’t do anything.

  4. CappN16th says:

    Yeah, I live near Capp and 16th and saw them in front of the BART station the other night, a few days after the shooting on 16th. My first reaction was feeling good b/c I figure there won’t be a gunfight tonight if they’re there. Reflecting on it later though reminded me that vigilantism is the beginning of the end, and reflects more on what a horrible job our City – and the Mission especially – is doing to prevent violent crime. One of these days someone the City – and government – cares about is going to get killed by a stray bullet and heads are going to roll up and down the bureaucratic ladder. The Mission is far more dangerous now than when I moved here in 2000, just based on the number of shootings between 16th and 17th and Valencia and Mission in the last 3 months alone (3 vs. 0 in same period in 2000). Really sad.

    • stiiv says:

      You’ve nailed the vigilante angle. Yup, that’s the problem.

      As for safety, short term perception can run away with you. The Mission isn’t particularly unsafe. A bunch of shootings in a short period can be scary, but it isn’t necessarily meaningful. Moreover, the city does care. Lots of loud, active citizens live here and the police do jump when they see a problem.

      Stuff happens. When it does, take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture.

      • “A bunch of shootings in a short period can be scary, but it isn’t necessarily meaningful.”

        Unless you get shot accidentally. If that happens to you, I’ll be sure to remind your family that you said that. I’m sure it’ll make them feel better.

  5. tandem says:

    When is a bunch of shootings not meaningful?
    I haven’t seen the police jump in my 10+ years of being one of those “active” citizens you describe. Drugs are sold with impunity within a one block radius of the Mission Police Station. I’ve seen people beaten, cars broken into, people defecating, prostitution and vandalism right across the street from the police station! Within the “bigger picture” the Mission has evolved to include more restaurants, shops and housing($$) but the crime situation has remained the same.

  6. carlos. says:

    man, i saw these nerds @ walgreens last night. i’d be a guardian angel too if i got hooked up w/ free water bottles.

  7. wrybread says:

    Trigger Happy TV nailed the spirit of the Guardian Angels pretty well: