Phil Bronstein is down with the Guardian Angels

[pic from @PhilBronstein]

In The Mission right now. Bullying citizens into safety.

6 Responses to “Phil Bronstein is down with the Guardian Angels”

  1. Corpus Nerd says:

    Nice, thanks Phil! You’re always there when we need you! (Phil was later seen ignoring homeless people on Van Ness when they asked him for money, before getting in his pick-up truck and heading for a Carl’s Jr. in Sunnyvale)

  2. David says:

    That’s all we need! Bozo paramilitary in the Mission.

  3. Curtis Sliwa says:

    go back to NYC lil wannabe Gaddafis. Your band of tard-cop failures was moot in the 80s. Im the cat who says FUCK the G.A.s to your soft faces, and you cant do anything about it…..see u around the blocks.

  4. Generik says:

    I just lost all remaining respect I had for Phil Bronstein — oh, wait, I didn’t have any respect left for him at all. That tiny 1mL vial ran empty long ago.

    A media clown posing with rodeo clowns. The beauty parlor is filled with sailors. The circus is in town.

  5. MrEricSir says:

    The Guardian Angels could merge with the SF Mime Troupe and create a massive black whole of suck.