Don’t (let your dog) shit where you eat

I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I hope somebody gets some pics of the process.


8 Responses to “Don’t (let your dog) shit where you eat”

  1. happy420 says:

    So yesterday I instituted this life change where I’m going to try SO hard not to hate on people anymore. No more talking shit. No more fucking Haterade. Just take a deep breath, you know? Walk by that new Summit cafe on Valencia and just exhale. Those people don’t REALLY deserve to take an acid bath. etc.

    but this is really trying. fuck your dog. fuck you and your dog. ugh. if you must let it shit all over, just let it shit in that summit cafe place.

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m just happy knowing that I saved at least one person from giving up on hate today.

  3. Corpus Nerd says:

    Here, here. I propose a new dog-shitting column on the Mission Mission blog.

  4. Chalkman says:

    My question is “Why?” From an owner/staff sweetness standpoint and willingness to be part of the local community of 18th St, the owners/staff and hell, even the customers of Delfina are 100% nicer than at Tartine…..

  5. ockysays says:

    I’d rather your dog shit on your bed and save my the trouble of cleaning my sneakers

  6. one says:


  7. CP says:

    +1 to what ockysays said.