Methodical lice removal on Muni

Yesterday, we heard about what we thought was the worst bus behavior we’d heard about in a while. And then, our old pal Heather trounced it in the comments section:

Yesterday on the 3 a lady was methodically picking out lice from her daughter’s hair with her fingernails and throwing them on the floor! I have seen a lot of horrible things on MUNI in the past ten years, but that was probably the most unsettling.

Next-level unsettling, for sure. Read more.

[Completely unrelated photo by Heidi De Vries]

20 Responses to “Methodical lice removal on Muni”

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve got you all beat. One Sunday morning, a bag lady (who probably wasn’t wearing any underwear) left a stinky vaginal discharge on the 22-Fillmore seat I was about to occupy — one of the other riders kindly warned me off.

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    Later a snail pho food cart employee was seen collecting the dead insects off the floor for a new “special topping,” they are planning on offering in early May.

  3. Sarah says:

    My friend and I saw a guy picking his face-shaving scabs and then EATING them on the 22 last Dec.

    Those buses are cesspools.

  4. El Pito says:

    I guess toe nail clipping is sooooo 80′s……

  5. Kyle Sullivan says:

    So excited for my commute now.

  6. Matt says:

    Interestingly, I heard a report on NPR the other day that many lice infestations are figments of the imagination. Report here:

    Maybe the MUNI is only imaginarily disgusting.

  7. Nico says:

    No, MUNI really is disgusting…in every way possible. There’s a dude who aggressively flosses for the entire ride from Montgomery to Inner Richmond, and you KNOW that shit is flying off the floss into people’s personal bubbles. people are just plain f**king disgusting.

  8. Joshua Vining says:

    MUNI is obviously a sticky mess of people performing poorly, but at least someone had the sense to make everything plastic. (I’m assuming this was long ago and probably the last sensible decision MUNI has made.) BART, on the other hand has those “blue” cloth, fecal-infested seats that has gotten some publicity lately.

    ps, a lady threw up on both my legs on the 19-polk. Eww.

  9. Nigel Mansell says:

    Oh that’s nothing, look at the shit that goes down in class:

  10. no.thanks. says:

    i got you all beat!
    i was riding the 22 when an older chinese lady was about to board the bus with a live chicken.
    the drive mentioned something about live animals not allowed on the bus.
    the old woman then proceeded to break the chicken’s neck effectively killing it.
    she got on board with the dead chicken under her arm.

  11. Lauren G says:

    I love my bicycle so much more now.

  12. sassifrassilassi says:

    i feel bad even talking about this one, but, i don’t think anyone’s coming back to this thread.

    there is a guy who rides into san francisco every weekday morning on the BART richmond line. he clearly has some type of terrible skin condition that is eating his face. i’m pretty sure it’s squamous cell carcinoma… huge, bloody, black-crusted ulcerations surrounded by tumors. i have been tempted to follow him from his SF stop to see where he works, because i am shocked that whoever employs him (i presume he works because i see him every day on the same train) does not make him cover his oozing face.

    here’s the clincher, though. he picks at his face and eats the scabs. it’s just horrible. those of us who see him daily are used to it and choose seats facing away from him, or we tune out. occasionally, there will be an innocent passenger who sees him, then gasps, screams, or gags, and leaves to another car.

    awful, awful, awful. i can’t help but feel bad for him, though… much worse than i do for the moron toenail clippers and booger-wipers.

    • Nigel Mansell says:

      I guess it’s not as bad as someone else eating his scabs…

    • YAR! says:

      I see him twice a week on Market Street! If it’s the same guy… Either way, I feel your pain. I almost fall off my bike when I see him.

  13. one says:

    I saw a guy stand up on the Geary 38 to shit in his pants.

    It’s not so bad as any of yours as I was able to instantly disembark – the bus had *just* pulled into a stop.

    Isn’t bonding fun!?

    The live chicken story – that’s the best one.

  14. d says:

    Yeah that live chicken story is a fake, I’ve heard that a million times.

  15. wcw says:

    I commute on the 19 every day. You want to wash that off. I’ve been on the 22 plenty. That story sounds like it happened on the 30. And my story?

    Well, I was that guy on the T whose 2-year-old threw up all over him on a hot sunny day in spring 2010. It was amazing: the crowd parted and I got off. Not a drop of toddler spew on anyone but me. And I got to walk up the hill wearing it in the hot sun.