Muni vehicles racing up Market a million years ago

This shot comes from a Flickr account called MUNI – BETTER LATE THAN NEVER that’s full of tons more old shots like this. But I like this one especially. It’s like we’re there. A million years ago.

10 Responses to “Muni vehicles racing up Market a million years ago”

  1. Damn whippersnappers don’t even know what “taking the big orange limo” means any more.

  2. I resent your implication that I am 3 million years old. But thanks for the link to some of my memories.

    BTW, this one rings more of a bell.

  3. postrideburrito says:

    I see we still have the same trashcans as they had a million years ago.

  4. Steve-o says:

    They had shitty iPhone photo filters back then too, eh?

  5. Corpus Nerd says:

    Cool old photo. More please!