PBR for life

Our pal Sally from CurbedSF sends this our way and wonders:

Haven’t we moved onto Simpler Times or some shit?  I should get a Trader Joe’s neck tattoo.

Indeed!  Trader Joe’s neck tatoos and chest pieces for all!

(Thanks Sally!)

31 Responses to “PBR for life”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    He could almost fit a bottle of PBR in each earlobe.

  2. milkshake lover says:


  3. Andy says:

    Cue…. “Aren’t you glad we moved to this cultural mecca?”

  4. T-Bone says:

    It’s that the tattoo is on his neck that blows my mind, it’s the fact that he is now a walking corporate billboard. Getting a brand or company tattoo is easily one of the stupidest things you can do.

    I love PBR as much as the next 20 something mission resident, but what if the company get’s sold to some crazy foreign investor that has ties to an Islamic terrorist group or a national socialist party, and everybody begins boycotting PBR, then what?

    Corporations are not people, they have no moral or ethical compass other than the bottom line.

  5. Don’t laugh; that guy has a brighter future ahead of him than most of us — as a spokes-model for PBR on PPV wrestling specials. Or, perhaps, on a reality-TV show involving customized motorcycles.


    HAMMS CHEST PIECE!!!!!!!!!

  7. SCUM says:

    I have a tattoo of Quagmire above my junk.

  8. YAR! says:

    I have the Levi’s back pocket stitching sewed onto my ass.


    Nothing beats the girl with the pops sign tattooed on her ass.

  10. marcos says:

    Nothing screams “trust fund child” louder.

  11. moderniste says:

    Are those Advil cap tops in his left ear lobe?? For some reason, I find stretched-out ear lobes particularly alarming.

  12. Alissa says:

    Never have I wanted to punch someone in the throat so badly.

  13. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I was about to say that this was the worst thing ever, but then I realized that at least it enables you to identify a complete fucking retard immediately on sight.

  14. one says:

    I didn’t think I would ever see anything as bad as the 20-something girl with the giant PBR tattoo on her chest. But I was wrong.

    Dude seems to have enough money to have paid a researcher to find out that PBR is owned by a giant German multinational. I read a story where the execs said they were careful not to change the image of the brand in order to maintain its “street cred.”

    Don’t tattoo artists *ever* say no to this heinous shit?

  15. T.C. says:

    Dude has a cheek piercing, ’nuff said.

  16. SMC says:

    That’s just an invitation to alcoholic vampires.

  17. BigDeal says:

    Man, once again, the most frequent commentators here prove themselves to be nothing more than a bunch of rat-packin, narrow-minded, sniping haters. Always looking for something to complain about, critique, know more about. been here longer than you-acting, I was there first-crowning weasels. So the cat has a can of PBR tattooed on his neck? I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with you but provide you a visual. Who cares what the backstory is or what the dude is into. It would not be my choice, but I applaud the kid for going balls out. What makes me pissed off is comments by wet-behind ears, insecure little snipers like this:

    “Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says: May 6, 2011 at 2:43 pmI was about to say that this was the worst thing ever, but then I realized that at least it enables you to identify a complete fucking retard immediately on sight.”

    I would love to get a look at your little bitch ass.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Yup, that’s me, a regular pencil-necked geek. Many is the time I am forced to cringe away from big mean people kicking sand in my face. Or something.

  18. Thats one of my best friends ever. In case you haters are curious, not a trust fund kid, but instead owns his own construction business and is extremely smart and surely makes more money than most of you. Self made do what you want. Being judgmental is a waste of time.