Best rapper in the Mission

The Best Rapper

Karaoke at Jack’s last night was continuously awesome, mostly because of DJ Purple, the classic triple-threat (DJ, backing vocals, saxophone solos.)  But I didn’t feel comfortable calling it “art” until this girl got up there and crushed Sorry Miss Jackson with nary a stutter. In case anyone missed it, she returned half an hour later to close down the bar (lights on) with Nicki Minaj’s latest radio hit (again flawless.)

Cheers, mystery rapper!

14 Responses to “Best rapper in the Mission”

  1. Rozenswag says:

    Video please? Mystery girl, show yourself. Karmin was so two memes ago.

  2. Erika Kali says:

    How did I not see you there last night, I was 5 feet away when this went down! She was AMAZING!

  3. Candy Winters says:


    This has got to be the COOLEST thing ever! Wow. Hi everyone, my name is Candy and I love to sing and rap. DJ Purple posted this link on my facebook wall this morning! I am so extremely flattered and honored by this article! Best birthday present ever!!

  4. Jamie Guzzi says:

    Relentless crushing. Although, I gotta say. Her rendition of Jizz in My Pants with Purple on the surprise cameo vocals was pretty amazing too…. ; )


  5. Jamie Guzzi says:

    Honestly, I can’t stop laughing at that shit. Hahahaha.

    • Candy Winters says:

      last night was just kind of amazing overall. YOU sang It’s the End of the World as we Know It!! soooo good!

  6. SCUM says:

    What is the world coming to when young white hipster chicks are rapping.

  7. Until there is a video of this demonstrating major talent, I will continue to express doubt and serious lack of awe. Yah.

    O, hai, BTW, I hate all rap.

  8. wrybread says:

    The MP3 sounds great, would sooo love to see video. More more moar!

    And to SCUM, how can you hear someone with so much obvious talent and express anything other than total support? What’s wrong with you? And between you and Candy, you’re behaving much more like the “hipster”, at least in the insulting sense you mean.

  9. Peter Gutter says:

    i’ve seen this girl in real life, she’s way too sincere to be a respectable hipster, and she slays the karaoke every time.