Hellen’s hella awesome garage sale Saturday

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that Hellen Jo, longtime Mission art babe known for her brilliant illustrations of gnarly ghosts, Lady GagaKristen Schaal, and other amazing stuff, is moving to Burbank to work on Regular Show. The good news is you get to buy all of her cool stuff this weekend:

Yes, I know garage sales happen all the time, but this one has a pretty flyer and you can bet your ass there will be kick-ass comics, crafts, guitars with all sorts of pointless switches all over them, and probably more conventional practical items like toaster ovens.

Also, if you’ve got an eye on Hellen’s bitchin’ pigeon helmet (which will also be up for grabs), you’d better move fast. I’ll bet you’re not the only one:

Here’s the FB page, and craigslist for the sale. It’s Saturday from 12-5pm.


Cancel the BYOB… KEG.

4 Responses to “Hellen’s hella awesome garage sale Saturday”

  1. Hellen says:

    yo I just ordered a keg too. no more byob!

    • Stu says:

      you got guitars? Can you tell me more because I wake up way later than that?

      • Hellen says:

        my roommate’s got an acoustic (not sure if she’s selling it), and I’ve got a vintage Japanese 1964 Zenon (the same one here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/41102513/vintage-1964-zen-on-electric-guitar). I’m still not totally sure if I’m selling it, cuz dang it’s so attractive, but it sounds like total shit! It’s actually quite resonant, but the intonation is super off (I even jerked around the truss rod or whatever) and the action is high. Also, someone before me replaced the tremolo with a cool Fender Jazzmaster floating thing, but … I think it’s a bust cuz we opened it up, and there’s no way you can actually install a tremolo arm/bar thing. But I’m a total guitar n00b so I could be very wrong about all of this