Map of impending Dolores Park closures

Dolores Park Works just published this map along with official details on the closures, which are mere weeks away. And some activity even starts this coming Monday:

Construction workers will be on-site between May 23rd and June 1st installing a new temporary access driveway into the park just south of the intersection of Dolores and 19th Street for use by service vehicles while the main driveway is closed for the playground construction project.  This construction activity will result in the installation of a temporary safety barricade immediately around the area of work. Bauman Landscape Construction is expected to begin staging and performing pre-construction activities during the first week of June.

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14 Responses to “Map of impending Dolores Park closures”

  1. GG says:

    WTF? Where are movie nights going to be held then?

  2. LM says:

    Um.. what about dyke & trans march festivities happening there at the end of June?

  3. Michael David Nolan says:

    Will they exhume and rebury the remains from the Jewish Cemetery on the north end of the Park?

  4. Robert says:

    The Jewish Cemetery was respectfully relocate in the late 19th century. By the mid 20th most of San Francisco’s dead had been moved outside the city.

    The Dyke and Trans Marches are going off as planned, June 24, 25 Both still could use a hand with volunteers and fundraising.

    Dolores Park Movie Night is three guys and a dream. They could have found something else to do. Send Sean a note and ask.

    • By the way… wasn’t there a stipulation in the transfer of the property to the city that it not be used for commercial purposes? Does the use of mobile food-selling trailers work around that, legally?

      • Dave says:

        Oh good lord…

      • SCUM says:

        Do the employees from the food truck have to go around the park after they close and clean up all the trash that their customers leave on the ground?

        • theknocks says:

          Yeah, they do. Just like every liquor store within 3 blocks sends people to pick up beer cans.