Are the “spicy” indicators at Mission Chinese Food butts?

Is it a butt?

One person at dinner was like “I’m not trying to be a perv, but does anyone else think those look like butts?  And then ANOTHER person was like “I just asked my gf the same thing!”  Pretty sassy, Mission Chinese.

6 Responses to “Are the “spicy” indicators at Mission Chinese Food butts?”

  1. kyre says:

    mcf does give you pretty wicked fire hole.

  2. Neighbor says:

    Yes, those are flaming butts. Just ask the MCF folks!!

  3. Hoboking says:

    I thought this was well known. Also the better term is ‘Volcanus’ – to get into the TMI spirit of it all.

  4. Steven Strauss says:

    I love hot pepper, have for thirty years. I still eat so much hot pepper at once that I temporarily lose my hearing, but I swear to got it’s the last I ever think of it. It never makes itself known on the way out. Is this unusual?

  5. Atomica says:

    They *are* butts. Danny will tell you that right up front.