Benefit for Capp Street fire victims tonight!

As you may recall, back on May 13th three lovely ladies lost their home to a fire on Capp St. Tonight you can help them out by attending their fundraiser at Tope in North Beach. More details from their Facebook event page:

Come celebrate life, health, good friends, and surviving all that life throws at you!

Festive treats include:
$3 well drink and draft beer specials 6-10pm
featured guest bartending by the Capp House Ladies
live music by Bruce Rodgers
DJ Mike Lewis
TONS of raffle/auction prizes (massages, Giants tix, special classes, art,
wine, hoodies, prime restaurant gift certificates and MORE…!)
appetizers courtesy of Thunder Road Catering
more surprises and a GREAT TIME await!

For those of you who cannot attend, but still want to contribute in some way (thank you!), please see our online donation site here:

Thanks for all your support – Jessica, Lisa, Sarah and Jaime can’t wait to see you there!

[Art by Stevie Laney]

20 Responses to “Benefit for Capp Street fire victims tonight!”

  1. chocotaco says:

    Do these people not have jobs or savings accounts?

    • Think_for_me says:

      What is the purpose of your question? Are you filling out a form, or are you purposefully attempting to come across as an uncompassionate person?

    • Stu says:

      even if they do they have nowhere to live now and finding new homes and living in this city while you are at it is not cheap you dick

      • blah says:

        The fact of the matter is, many tenants in SF wouldn’t be able to qualify for a lease on their own current rental if it were put back on the market at today’s market price. Rent control is keeping many people in their homes even though market rents can increase out of reach, but if they ever get thrown out it’s a tough world out there for them.

  2. why says:

    what did the last benefit raise?

  3. scum says:

    I was at that fire and I wonder how the old Latina lady who was crying about her dog and the other Hispanic people that were affected by the fire are doing.

  4. Funk says:

    Not that this matters too much, but just wanted to point out that the artwork features ladies of 506 Capp St. The event mentioned in the post are for the ladies of 508 Capp St. Different set of ladies, but nonetheless, both need help.

    The ladies of 506 Capp st. will additionally have a fundraiser at the Makeout Room on Sunday, June 5th from 8pm-2am with Bands/DJs.

    Come support your local neighbors with these two events! Thank you MM for mentioning these kinds of events.

  5. Mission resident says:

    I wouldn’t phrase it so harshly but I do wonder what exactly the proceeds from this event will pay for? Replacing damaged personal effects? Relocation costs? People like to know where their money is going.

    • Funk says:

      I can only speak on 506 Capp’s behalf, but most of the money will go to relocation costs. The landlord fled the country, which left us with no security deposit back, or half month’s rent for May.

      And really this is kind of just moral support too. We cannot tell you what it means to us when random strangers donate or when friends step up to help. Our situation was really shitty, it wasn’t our fault, and it’s frustrating that our landlord is not here to help.

  6. The Tens says:

    That’s a shitty, shitty photo, but I’m pretty sure it’s my shitty photo.

  7. Selene says:

    Not that I lack compassion for the loss, but this is why people need insurance or at least a well-funded emergency savings account. Years ago I came home to find my apartment with a foot of sewer water in it; had I not had insurance I would have lost everything and had to move home to live with my parents. Since then I have always carried insurance.

  8. Stevie Laney says:

    So, landlord fled the country, has been unreachable and on top of every other task you have to do when your house burns down. Now you have to go to court to get what’s rightfully yours.
    Please come to these benefits.

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  12. Do these people not have jobs or savings accounts?

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