Hot new look for summer: Puppy scarves


As our pal Charles demonstrates so adeptly here, fur is back, but only the living kind. No need to worry about the PETA protest, but try to get a dark one because the light ones stain easily.

4 Responses to “Hot new look for summer: Puppy scarves”

  1. Someone says:

    Dammit, Kocoa Bean–why you gotsta be a 55 pound pitbull mutt. We should’ve stayed in the damn country. This city is too small for us. First men wearing smaller jeans for their smaller packages–now small men with small dogs worn as an accessory.


  2. john says:

    dude, we all know that guy’s sister lol. furrealz

  3. Sidikibqe says:

    here is a quick dinner recipe and some further ideas for quesadillas. you would always find tom scheming something up to try and catch jerry. some cereal like oatmeal, lots of rice and beans, no oxygen absorbers or mylar thus far .. winston’s flaw inevitably brings him to the clutches of o’brien, because he cannot dull his untainted perceptions of the society that encapsulates his fatalistic existence.

  4. Bonnhie says: