Finally, a new pinball machine at Benders!


Just as we were all getting used to the sticky trigger on the left-hand side of the machine, Bender’s went ahead and got a new pinball machine — Theatre of Magic.  It’s fast, it’s a little tricky, and the combos are aplenty. Also, no more complaining that you lost because of said sticky trigger (there goes my strategy).

Bonus: Benders is also now serving King Cobra for $3. Wednesdays will never be the same.

5 Responses to “Finally, a new pinball machine at Benders!”

  1. Glenparker says:

    I miss The Big Hurt that Noe’s bar had a decade or so ago. Best pinball game ever IMHO. Grand slam Frank Thomas!

  2. vatagenic says:

    While I remain grateful for the preponderance of pinball in the neighborhood, enough already with Theatre of Magic! When last I checked, Shotwell’s, Gestalt, and Kilowatt all had this game already. Where’s the diversity of tables we used to enjoy?

  3. mewr says:

    best pinball machine ever.


  4. Sheilamzw says:

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