Dead goat in a gutter on Capp Street

(Thanks, Tricia. I think.)

UPDATE: Our pal Scum remind us this grisly mess follows close on the heels of another grisly (and perplexing) mess on Capp Street.

32 Responses to “Dead goat in a gutter on Capp Street”

  1. scum says:

    Dead goat, dead chicken and dead fish. WTF.

  2. timbo says:

    Sounds like there is some serious santeria going on over there.

    • why says:

      someone needs to map where they were – all on cross roads I assume – what pattern do they all form?

      • timbo says:

        Agreed. Where is a GIS specialist when you need one?

        • madmapper says:

          Right here! Send me all the location info and I’ll do some analysis on monday when I”m back at work. This is the first i’ve heard of this stuff and I’m curious.

  3. Sweet T says:

    That’s pretty foul.

  4. Olivia says:

    This was outside my front door. It has since been removed by the city!

  5. GG says:

    That’s awful. This is obviously unrelated, but somebody left a bunch of dog poop in my gutter the other day. Like, not a dog pooped there, but like someone cleaned out their yard and dumped all of the poop out in the gutter. It wasn’t even street sweeping day. I’m not sure where this idea came from that it’s OK to just leave gross stuff in the gutter?

  6. John Milton says:

    “Men kill animals and eat their flesh.

    Phillipe Moyez killed a goat.

    He killed a goat.”

  7. TC says:

    Why the fuck would you think we needed a close up on that?

  8. carlos. says:


  9. will says:

    In medieval cities it was the norm to clear out your house and leave your trash in the street, until it piled up to a sufficient height that the city simply repaved the streets with all the trash trapped underneath.

    Living in SF is like time travel!

  10. |||||| says:

    I bet that hessian kid from Arinell’s sacrificed the goat to his doom gods after he got laid by a hooker!

  11. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    What a waste of perfectly good goatmeat!

  12. someJuan says:

    Birria gone bad.

    • batman says:

      LOL that probably what happened, someone hipster saw some food newwokr show about BIRRIA and was like “ohh i seen that at the taquerias, i can make that” cut to 12 PBR later, and some P-funks, and you wind up with dead goat on street cuz i dont know how to cook it.

  13. Bill Murray says:

    All through the Mission and up to the Wiggle , there was huge puddles of human feces on the roads. Is this judgement day?

  14. Tricia says:

    That was my picture. You can imagine how freaked out I was! Don Knapp just did an interview for CBS 5 airing tonight and next week on the bizarre offerings. My cat was also missing at the time that I discovered the goat. He was found two blocks away at the neighbors. His head was stuck in between a pipe and a wall…I just keep thinking the weirdest things about the coincidence. In a way the goat helped me find my cat, as there was such a commotion and someone came forward to tell the Officer on the goat scene that there was a cat in their basement. Weird!

  15. Katy says:

    Do you know this neighbor well? Did you actually go to his basement to retrieve your cat? What ethnicity is he? I believe there is a connection here.
    I am a medium and saw imagery related to this incident in a precognitive nightmare sequence last night. Any detail will help me to hopefully shed a light on this crime.
    Thanks for responding.

  16. Stu says:

    Just spotted another dead fish painted blue @ 25th and Shotwell.
    Also some massive stand-off with police going on there.
    No pics cause my phone was made by Alexander Graham Bell

  17. Ender says:


  18. The Problem with Larry says:

    More dark arts from the Run Ed Run campaign?

  19. john says:

    Here’s the map

  20. itsme says:

    its street art.

  21. Bonnie says:

    Coud it be Santaria related? They practice animal sacrifice and there are a few spooky Santaria shops along 24th past Mission.

  22. Thompson says:

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