Arlen captured this sad pigeon a few months back.

Could this explain the tragic pigeon cannibalism we see all too often in the Mission? Kind of like when hungry Looney Tunes characters see each other as dinner?

Though let’s be honest — this is in poor taste. Cheetos suck when compared to Hawkins Cheezies.

These are *so* much better than Cheetos you have NO IDEA. Hell, *I’d* eat a pigeon if it had a bag of Cheezies on its head.

(Also, the image search for Cheetos is pretty damn freaky.)

2 Responses to “Pigeoneetos”

  1. plumpy says:

    Someone gave me a signed, numbered print of that girl in the cheetos bath, ordered from the photographer. No lie. I don’t know what happened to it, though.

  2. Ariel Dovas says:

    That’s a comedian pigeon. He’s opening for Chris Garcia next Wednesday.