Beautiful swear wear

Remember Beautiful Swear Words? Fucktard. Vajayjay. FUUUUUUUUUCK. All your favorite curses illustrated by hand. We saw the T-shirt potential and the call has been answered.

Each shirt will be available for one week. The first? “SHIIIT“.

A note to our young readers: you probably can’t wear these at school. Once my friend Cameron wore his “Green Day: Dookie” T-shirt and our science teacher sent him to the principals office! He said the shirt was “drug related”. Whatever, old dude.

7 Responses to “Beautiful swear wear”

  1. plumpy says:

    My friend got sent to the principal’s office for his “Barenaked Ladies: Maybe You Should Drive” album shirt. They thought it was some sort of sexual slang. (This was 1994, before they achieved mild success.)

  2. manymachines says:

    I was just thinking the other day about making a shirt with Clay Davis’s face on it.

  3. Clay Davis says:

    I expect to get paid….

  4. Drewdcjbq says:

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