‘Study graff. history & go tag a fuckn bank’

Sorry, bankers.

[the loo at Revolution Cafe]

31 Responses to “‘Study graff. history & go tag a fuckn bank’”

  1. Brock Keeling says:

    This person should be skinned alive. Graff history? I just barfed in my poop.

  2. Sounds nice, but “people” who tag are sub-human scum who will piss on your good advice and laugh all the way to sewer from which they are birthed. Sorry about that. ORKIN!

  3. Pedro Navaja says:

    ¡Ampárame, San Lucas!

    Don’t tell me we’re on the brink of another Dan (La Plasta) Plasma versus “GIANT” throw-down!?!?

  4. rightofway says:

    old people always trying to put rules on kids.. hypocrisy rules.

  5. MrEricSir says:

    Maybe that blank wall you tagged over was public art.

    I mean if SFMOMA can put up a canvas that is all yellow and call it art, then a wall that’s one color could be called art as well by the same logic.

  6. thbbbpppt says:

    Just what I would expect from that smelly burner eurotrash pseudo-intellectual shithole. God, I hate that place.

  7. scumtag bagger says:

    hehhahahaheheheehe – I like that, ghaal!

  8. Why not “GO TAG A FUKN BANK OR SOMETHING”? Because I keep my fuckin’ money there, dipshit.

  9. hey seuss says:


    Is he back?

    I hope so.