The perfect time to clean the bathroom

A handful of Dolores park patrons anxiously awaiting their turn to use the generously-provided porta-potties situated at the 19th Street entrance were temporarily inconvenienced this past weekend when the cleaning crew stopped by at around 5pm to give the units a bath.  Some waiting in line were outraged that the cleaning would be scheduled at such an obvious high-usage time and that shouldn’t the city know better, but you know what?

I’m so happy that they clean those things every single day that I don’t give a shit (no pun intended) when they do it.  Personally, I’m still amazed that the porta-potties still sometimes smell springtime fresh whenever I enter, a fact that I commented on way back when they were installed.  If it means that a line full of entitled folks has to wait a little longer, so be it!  And seriously, the dude was only cleaning one of them at a time, which still left 5 others perfectly vacant.

Keep up the great bathroom cleaning work!


Park porta potties pretty perfect

2 Responses to “The perfect time to clean the bathroom”

  1. drip says:

    i imagine they clean them at that time because they are probably coming close to overflowing with Marina weekend warrior beerpiss . . .

  2. wikileaks says:

    Thank god you posted this!