Holiday girlfriend guy has plenty of haters, admirers, imitators

The Craigslist post seeking a holiday girlfriend that we told you about last week seems to have struck a chord in our city, with everyone popping out of the woodwork to weigh in on this clever romantic adventure.  While there have been plenty of  haters (see Insufferable Craigslist Bro Seeks “Holiday Girlfriend” on SF Weekly), others seem to tentatively be hoping that the whole thing works (Craigslist Holiday Boyfriend Looks For Love In San Francisco on HuffPost).  I wonder which way npr will rule?

Similarly, do a Craigslist search for “holiday girlfriend” and you’ll find several folks who just copied and pasted the original post as their own, hoping to score the same luck!

Whether our pal can actually find love for the holidays remains to be seen, but at this point we’re totally rooting for him.

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Holiday girlfriends wanted in the Mission

8 Responses to “Holiday girlfriend guy has plenty of haters, admirers, imitators”

  1. Yerf says:

    The real surprise is seeing a Victorian parlor without a bed in it.

  2. prince says:

    SF weekly article left the impression that the author is a stuck-up asshole. Here he is: – Swooning yet, ladies?

    Oh, now I remember that writer. It’s Peter Jamison, who I last noticed stinking it up with a tabloid trash article about a supposed sex crisis of molesty dads (based on a sample of 2 or 3), stealing child custody in family court. As anyone who pays attention knows, moms win 85% of custody disputes because dads are judged less-equal from the get-go. It takes some kind of a miracle for one to prove he’s not evil. An equal-shared-parenting reform lobby got given the whole page of SF weekly’s letters to rebut that article. I sent them money just because his shitty writing was so outrageously biased.

    Good luck holiday girlfriend guy. Your haters are so bad, you must be cool.

    • brandi says:

      Actually, the numbers skew towards the rights of the father IF it is the father that brings the case to family court. So while *overall* approximately 85% of the time the mother wins custody cases, when the case is brought to court by the father of the child (a low number of cases), they do win those cases approximately 70% of the time.

  3. pretty sure it’s actually this guy:

    the huff post article links to his business.

    Just thought the ladies should have a chance to see his pic before submitting theirs.

    And for the record, I am pro-concept for “holiday-girlfriend.”

  4. Adam says:

    Are any of these ladies looking for a holiday boyfriend? I’ll go beyond January 2.

  5. bloughme says:

    lovely gueras… thanks thanks thanks.