Mission Mission Gift Guide: Jewelry made locally with LASERS

Our pal Jacob recommends his pal Jessica’s jewelry. She’s based in the Mission, and uses a laser cutter based in Soma to cut the intricate shapes seen above. See her Etsy shop for lots more intricate shapes.

11 Responses to “Mission Mission Gift Guide: Jewelry made locally with LASERS”

  1. AttF says:

    lots of TechShop memberships floating around these days?

  2. bubba says:

    molly is the bonafide pioneer of this entire laser cut jewelry bandwagon. She started making her earrings long before all the copy cats. and in my opinion her designs have always been a “cut” above her imitators.

  3. scum says:

    My old boss has a laser cutter and has been selling pendants and such at trade shows and online for years.

  4. J-Lub says:

    Scum is right. No one (that we know) invented laser-cut jewelry. Since when are we trying to disuade makers from exploring their artistic interests through their work? To criticize someone for working in a medium that someone else worked in before them is ludicrous. It appears that one or two (out of 60+) of Jessica’s designs were inspired by the same occurences in nature as some of Molly’s, but I don’t think anyone can be accused of copying here (or of being an “imitator”).

    I think the important part is that both Molly and Jessica are independent artists creating really nice work. We should be encouraging more people to do this. They both deserve people’s support.

    Haters gonna hate though, I guess.

    • AttF says:

      haters gonna hate, but sometimes criticism is deserved. The tone of the criticism is related to the tone of the post……presenting local laser cut jewelry as a novel concept when it is not.

  5. AttF says:

    …that said, I think laser cutters are a great tool for people who are innovative and not straight up copying another’s designs. if you are going to copy someone else’s work, you should be prepared for the backlash that comes with it.

    • J-Lub says:

      The designs all look pretty different to me…I don’t see one copying the other.

      It kind of sucks that this is where the conversation went instead of in a more positive, non-combative direction though.

      • AttF says:

        I don’t see it as negative or combative at all….we simply disagree on this issue. I think some of the designs are too similar for comfort and you don’t. That’s all.

  6. redbearded says:

    Laser cut jewelry is about as exciting as t-shirts with the port of Oakland cranes silk screened on them.

  7. Well I really like them.

  8. Tim says:

    I once saw some Jewelry made out of sterling silver. Then I saw other jewelry made out of sterling silver. They were not the same jewelry.