Breaking: house on shirt

My buddy Joan, who recently returned after a stint in L.A., immediately got to work putting her new apartment building on a shirt. I don’t remember exactly where it is, but if you recognize it you can stalk her, although she lives with her boyfriend and he’s a pretty big dude, so be careful out there guys. Otherwise just buy the shirt!

5 Responses to “Breaking: house on shirt”

  1. laura says:

    yay joanie!!!!

  2. EH says:

    looks almost like a sideways piece of pizza

  3. scathers says:

    speaking of shopping local and fucking amazon, did you know this was happening?
    SF artists and makers, mission venue, and keep and eye out for the snuggled.

  4. wizzer says:

    Perspective is not that good. learn to draw.

  5. Hermelinda says:

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