Dolores Park, just the people

The artist Jenny Odell explains:

[R]ather than hanging out in the actual, physical Dolores Park, I’ve been spending hours cutting out every single person in the very crowded Google Earth view of Dolores Park.

I guess we’re a little late to this as it showed as part of a group show at Intersection for the Arts in October. But better late than never. Read on for more explanation and a look at all the people on Pier 39.

[via ivorydaggers]

UPDATE: The show is up through mid-January!

6 Responses to “Dolores Park, just the people”

  1. I request a version with just the dogs. (Might as well do Bernal while you’re at it.)

    And Noe with just the strollers!

  2. In all seriousness — mount a camera on a kite or balloon. Take one picture at 7AM and another and peak hipster density, and subtract out the difference.

    A Dolores Park time lapse from above would also be rather awesome.

  3. Jimmy S. says:

    Would love to see the artist give me money every week until my student loans are paid off. Can do a time lapse sequence of my loan principle amounts.

  4. You’re not too late for the opening of a show at Mission Pie that includes a painting of Dolores Park made using drawings from random people in the park…

  5. friend says:

    that is awesome!