UC Davis pepper spray cop responsible for tragic Western Addition fire?

It is possible this was Photoshopped.

SFist has details on how to help victims of the fire (as well as photos of the fire’s aftermath) here.

[via The Fabric of the Universe]

UPDATE: This is not a joke about a tragedy; this is a joke about the internet. If you’re outraged (or if you’re not), please channel your energy toward helping victims of the fire via the link above.

16 Responses to “UC Davis pepper spray cop responsible for tragic Western Addition fire?”

  1. dirtypurse says:


  2. henri! says:

    This website hit an all time low, which wasn’t hard given the people who contribute.

  3. Pedro Navaja says:

    Not even remotely fucking funny. I spoke with five people displaced by that fire, and the look on their faces challenges your seventh grade humor.
    Seriously, grow the fuck up, pendejo.

    A dude I know: his dog died two weeks ago, and yesterday, everything he owned went pffffft in flames in this fire. So he got a double-whammy in two weeks.

  4. satan clause says:

    take this shit down. this aint 4chan

  5. Travis says:

    Sorry guys. I have removed the original post out of respect for Pedro’s friend’s dog.
    Also excuse my insensitivity, and forgive me for loweringt he level of discourse on this respected community platform.
    Lastly, it was GIMP.

  6. anonimo says:

    Mission Mission, whether you like it or not people rely on this blog for information.

    There are real consequences:

    When a Crime Goes Viral
    An incorrect detail in a leaked email heightens rape fears in the Mission

    Mission Mission, a neighborhood blog, excerpted it in a Dec. 9 post titled “Serial rapist’s ‘particularly brutal’ crimes apparently result in broken necks and blood all over the sidewalk,” which garnered over 130 comments.
    Source: The Bay Citizen (http://s.tt/14Zbh)

  7. batman says:

    DOOD ! if you getting your news from this blog.. you deserve to be dupped and fucked over ! SERIOUSLLY ! mission mission is a bunch of people who can use the interweb and post stuff… NOT A NEWS SOURCE ! REALLY ! i MEAN FOR FUCK SAKES !! BATMAN POSTS HERE !

    • En-Chu Lao says:

      You make a good point: Hough is a hipster dildo channeling Matt Drudge and FAUX Newz —– drawing attention to himself at other people’s expense.
      Pimpin’ a photo to get a chuckle when 60 people are on the sidewalk is an all-new low.

      • OMN says:

        just because a blog becomes popular, does not mean it’s obligated to become a news source. if you want news, go to mission local.

        • En-Chu Lao says:

          This isn’t about news vs no news; it’s about a fucked up poke at a tragic situation.
          If you want to give him a free pass, knock yourself out, but other people want to yank his shirt on insensitivity, roll with that too.

  8. ciao says:

    All you do is make fun of shitty things happening to good people hmm allan? It’s hipsters like you that give the rest of them a bad name.

    • AttF says:

      I’d argue that even hipsters are ‘hip’ to something, even if that something is trite and superficial. From what I can tell, dudes like Allan are just voyeurs who live vicariously through what more interesting people post on the internet.