Lots more partial Dolores Park closures forthcoming

If we wanna enjoy the new Dolores Park, we’re gonna have to wait a while and put up with a lot of closures. Mission Local reports:

If all goes according to plan, preparations for the renovations will start in September. Crews will start working on the 20th and Church streets overlook, the 20th Street MUNI stop, the path between the playground and the promenade and the picnic areas.

The first of two phases will start in February 2013 with the closing of the south side of the park, the west part of the promenade, the bridge and the Hidalgo statue overlook. That phase should end in August 2013.

The second phase will  follow between September 2013 and July 2014. During that phase, the north side of the park will be closed as will the east part of the promenade and the 19th Street entry plaza.

Which means basically that for most of the next two years, we’re without a fully functioning park. Whole waves of new transplants will come and go without ever having known what a day in Dolores is truly like. Read on.

31 Responses to “Lots more partial Dolores Park closures forthcoming”

  1. roger clark says:

    delores park renovations have affected my alcoholism in the following ways:

  2. rod says:

    if this were a private contract it would be done in a few months. instead it’s taking over two years of freakin’ closures. good to see the contractors who financed Ed Lee’s campaign are starting to get some graft . . .

    • JT Snowball says:

      the public always wants it to be cheap and to slow the process down. public involvement is expensive and time consuming, but it’s a public park.

      how you get to the final park matters, even it doesn’t satisfy everybody.

    • AttF says:

      right, but if it was a private contract, everyone would scream ‘backroom deal’. public projects take longer because there are things beyond the normal permitting process that need to be done in order to ensure an acceptable level of transparency for a very critical and vocal public.

  3. ALWAYS HIGH says:

    I cant wait to smoke in the jungle gym.

  4. Snake Plissken says:

    bummed that dogs will be sequestered off-leash. i don’t mind the occasional stolen sandwich. petting privileges are priceless. :(

    • Sweet T says:

      You can set up your park blanket camp inside the fenced-in dog area.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Don’t worry, Snake, I’m sure that rule will be wholesale ignored.

    • Wc1 says:

      Best part of the redesign.

      Specific, well signed areas for the inconsiderate owners and their dogs.

  5. Street Name Police says:

    Cant wait for the closure!!! Everyone can find someplace else to go…

  6. ashley says:

    the next parks project should be to protect alamo square from incessant wind.

  7. Billy Escargot says:

    Look people, it’s not the end of the world. There are countless other beautiful parks ready for the reaping in SF. Including a park that is only rivaled by NYC’s Central Park (and is fact better in my opinion), Golden Gate Park. So get up off your lazy hipster keisters and mosy on out of the Mission for once to enjoy your afternoon binge drinking.

    • wizzer says:

      Great idea, but hipsters are very nervous about traveling outside their comfort zone and their ‘hood.

      they travel in packs, staying close to each other for emo support and beer.

  8. Dr. Fart says:

    wizzer trollin’ my ding-a-ling

    • salad says:

      youre an idiot, doc.

      • wizzer says:

        He is, and never has anything to say but trash other peoples comments.

        I comment on stuff, people agree or not. That’s why we like to comment.

        But that idiot doesn’t know how to say ANYTHING OF INTELLIGENCE.

        Trouble is he also knows that.

  9. tacotron says:

    glen canyon, holly park, mclaren park. i diggum like that frog be diggin sugar smacks. So that frog was on heroin right?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      For god’s sake, taco-robot, don’t tell them about Holly Park! The last thing I want is my own private oasis getting overrun by hipsters.

      Although, to be fair, it is at the top of a hill, so their silly fixie-affectation will probably keep most of them away, anyway.

  10. moderniste says:

    when they puttin in the hot tubs?

  11. Teotwawki Jones says:

    When its done it will look less like a park and more like the top deck of a Carnival Cruise ship. Minus the miniature golf, unfortunately.

    • Wc1 says:

      Plenty of other parks for you to go to.

      I have a feeling after the reopen will see you sitting on the hill with your PBR reminiscing about the good ol’days.

    • siesta says:

      That sounds kinda cool actually. I’m going to go buy a captain’s hat in preparation.

    • wizzer says:

      What a complainer. Then move to Ohio.

  12. Ryan says:

    Can we all decide which park we’re going to go to instead? Alamo, duboce, there’s kite hill over off 19th in the castro, franklin square over by the bus house, we could even all trek up to haight and bear the burners at buena vista…? just kidding. i think we could do duboce, right? maybe some ikes or supa dupe on the way? Summer 2013 is the summer of Duboce and Ghoulwave.

  13. Tim says:

    Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble…

  14. Me da tanto dolor este parque de dolores.