Rollerblade to work day

Whenever debate about the city’s complicated transportation infrastructure dilemma occurs, the discussion is always dominated by the major interest lobbyists (cyclists, motorists, pedestrians).

But who will speak for the rollerbladers???

7 Responses to “Rollerblade to work day”

  1. Who will speak for the ski-lift-gondola-as-city-transit lobby? Hmm?

  2. scum says:


  3. Jack Walker says:

    Once upon a time blading was bigger than cycling. Critical Mass was just getting started. Its early turnouts paled in size to the monthly blade events.

  4. Blading is still pretty big on Friday nights at Union Square — Thriller re-enactments and more. Frankly, I hate it — but if you like it, check it out.

  5. wizzer says:

    Even more dangerous than biking in the city. Rollerblading is a play sport, not a transit system.

    get real.