Adults-only after-dark pre-party at new Dolores Park playground

With the coming park closures over the next two years, the playground will be one of the few zones continuously open — but only to kids. This sneak peak the other night was probably the only chance us grownups had to fully enjoy the park’s newest amenity. Dolores Parks Works has the scoop:

Twenty adults were let loose on a self-guided tour of all the new play structures and amenities. The Helen Diller Playground at Dolores Park  is the nicest and most creative I have ever experienced.  This was also the first time most of the group toured the construction site and they all were extremely pleased!  We were all giddy with excitement.  The new playground is a safe place for kids to take chances.

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10 Responses to “Adults-only after-dark pre-party at new Dolores Park playground”

  1. totally safe…except for that bridge they can fall off of

    • Robert says:

      We were really, really careful.

    • Playdate says:

      The bridge is very safe. From what I can tell it exceeds a codes for such facilities. It adds a fun dimension to the design and allows people in wheelchairs to cross over to the top of the mound and to use the slide.

  2. molly says:

    I am not sure why there is such a positive response to this playground. The best thing about the old playground was the sand, there is nowhere for kids to chill and have down time. This layout looks anxiety producing and will cause kids to feel edgy. And it is also, TOO safe with lots of ‘dead’ space. Way too much concrete, way too urban, not what our city kids need.I hate it.

    • GG says:

      What I like about is that it’s not just catering to kids — it has an interesting look that I think adds to the park, even if you’re too big to play on the structures.

    • Holden Caulfield says:

      There is some sand, but not as much as there was because it tends to collect things that you don’t want kids playing in. Before the remodel, when I volunteered raking the sand on saturday mornings, we found things like syringes, glass, tampons, dog shit, and condoms.

      You are right though, if you needed cover because you wanted to have sex or stick a needle in your vein, underneath that play structure in the sand was a great place to chill.

      I kind of miss the old arsenic laden play structure too – if cancer doesn’t kill you, it’ll just make you tougher.

  3. molly says:

    It is a playground, not the courtyard in your loft building. Children in this city need functional and usable play spaces. Yes they can look good too, but this space is ridiculous and a waste of money. And it doesn’t look good.

  4. Playdate says:

    Dear Molly, you have interesting but ill-founded observations. There is a lot that does not meet the eye. SF Parks has instituted a moratorium on building sand pits in any park in SF. The designer fought incessantly with SF just to get the little we did get. I concur with prior responders in what was found in the old sand pit and add that it continously flooded and became unusable for days after a rain. The entire playground complies with Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines and was audited for its play safety after completion. I find it quit amazing that you predict how it functions before it is even open to the public. This playground is world class and raises the bar for all subsequent playgrounds in SF.

  5. Big Kid says:

    I am very glad to see the new playground open. The iconic location with the best views of the city in the background are a perfect setting for this artful play space. I hope that there is continuing attention to keep it clean and free from unwanted traffic, yet allow kids and adults alike to take advantage of the unique space. I am sure area volunteers would love to help with preservation of the attractions and graffiti removal if needed. I wish I was younger and could play there all day!

  6. I have a small human says:

    This playground is dangerous!!! Concrete, boulders, and lots of concrete stairs??? More padding please!!! Kids run and are oblivious… I only see massive injuries coming out of this playground. A small child busted her face on the concrete today :( Don’t get me wrong it looks cool but it is not kid friendly at all.