NYC guide to burrito etiquette

I would argue that New Yorkers have no business enforcing etiquette on a dish they have so far failed at. Also, it’s pronounced like “Bur-Eat-Oh”, the last syllable there a closer approximation to the true reaction to a New York burrito.

[via Brendan]

20 Responses to “NYC guide to burrito etiquette”

  1. fat tony says:

    since when does san francisco know anything about burritos? love san francisco but the mexican food here is rotten like my toothless gums.

    • Gale's Crapa Pelada says:

      Thank you, I feel like I’ve been taking crazy pills.

      • Gale's Crapa Pelada says:

        It’s been like that episode of Twilight Zone, where everyone loves the burritos and that guy doesn’t and it’s blasphemy so he acts like he likes them. There should be a Castro for people who come out of the burrito closet, Burrastro.

    • Vic Wong says:

      “Since when”? Oh I don’t know, since SF invented the burrito as we know it.

      Unless you’re talking about the original Juarez version, which is more akin to a taco with a flour tortilla. Or a San Diego burrito which contains french fries.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Well, the modern burrito was invented in San Francisco, and it’s still much better here than anywhere else in the world… But aside from that, whatever you say, Tony.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Burritos on my ding-a-ling

  3. fat tony says:

    rice doesn’t belong in a burrito, at least not one going into fat tony’s gullet. and it gets stuck in my dentures.

    lard-free tortillas don’t cut it for me either. but i’m cool with vegetarians! we all have our flaws.

    as for origins: you know, fat tony ain’t too concerned with that. after all, espresso is undisputably italian in origin (forza azurri!) but blue bottle, four barrel etc have surpassed it as far as this jolly neapolitan is concerned.

    fat tony. keepin’ it real in the 94123

  4. no cal says:

    Who gives a flying shit about NYC burritos anyways.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Exactly. They might make some pretty decent pizza, but Mexican food in NYC is the pits.

  5. click this says:

    Until you’re referring to the main Juarez model, which is more quite like a taco with a flour tortilla. Or even a Hillcrest burrito which contains fried potatoes.

  6. the art send sort of message.really buritos is not so famous though…..