Mission then and now

SFGate posted some great then-and-now shots of Mission locations that you may know. Check out a 1962 Clarion Alley, lined with quaint bungalows:

And now, it’s the only street in the Mission that’s apparently immune to city graffiti citation!

Here’s everyone’s favorite intersection: 24th and Hampshire (AKA “Deuce-four Ham”).

Sadly, Bucket O’ Suds didn’t survive the British Invasion:

I personally think the closing of Bucket O’Suds marked the end of the golden age in Mission. After that, it was only high-tech artisanal laundry facilities. No soul. I long for the days where I’d pop a nickel in the laundry machine and get a shave from Chet while I waited. Maybe someone should start a kickstarter campaign to restore the Bucket O’Suds space to it’s full architectural glory.

Check out the rest of this amazing series at SFGate.

[photos SFGate Archives, Peter Hartlaub]

17 Responses to “Mission then and now”

  1. shotwellian says:

    The Clarion bungalows look to still be there, just covered by fences and bushes. The photo of the Valencia Street train station (at 25th, although the Chron says 18th) is pretty great too–BART’s ancestor.

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      The bungalows may still be there, but anyone who thinks they are still as pleasant to live in as they were back then is full of putrid shit, and all you have to do to demonstrate that to yourself is to look at the fucking picture.

      People climb the wall of your fucking bedroom in the middle of the night to tag it — how good do you think that might make you feel?

  2. MrEricSir says:

    To me, the most interesting part was that we used to have a Pepsi bottling plant on Valencia and 17th.

  3. The Memories says:

    I am an old man now but I used to pick up street trash and take them back home from the Bucket O’ Studs …..such memories

  4. Not Pictured says:

    Not Pictured: white flight.

  5. No Way says:

    A refreshing historical view of the city before the rich yuppies and trustafarians gave us the gentrified and overpriced mess we have now.

    • winton says:

      Hmmmm, back in the day the Mission was mostly Irish and German, with a dash of Polish. Around the 80′s the Latino gangs started moving in and there was quite a bit more crime and violence. If you prefer that, I hear Oakland is the next urban mecca where I’m sure you can find a nice crime-infested place to live where you can easily get yourself robbed or shot. Me, I’ll stay here and enjoy the change.