Dreamy, ethereal photos of Heirloom Cafe

Heidi Swanson of the excellent 101 Cookbooks snapped these lovely photos of the Kinfolk brunch at Heirloom Cafe over the weekend. Sounds like these Kinfolk brunches are a traveling series that bring together local artisans and small businesses in various cities.

I’ve never eaten at Heirloom Cafe, but I have friends who live above it and I’ve peeked in a few times while waiting for one of them to answer the door. Anyone know if it’s worth a try?

See the rest of the photos here.

13 Responses to “Dreamy, ethereal photos of Heirloom Cafe”

  1. db says:

    Heirloom is a great not-too-cool-for-your-grandma kind of place. I end up recommending often it to people with visiting oldies. The food is excellent and $10 corkage on pre-2003 wine (used to be free) is a nice touch.

  2. Paul says:

    It’s flippin’ awesome. The food is California fresh and simple fare done so well. The wine list is huge, but you can still get a quality glass if you don’t want to shell out for anything from the cellar. The chef/owner has great taste in wine from all around the world (so you’re not only stuck with wine from Napa or the Central Coast).

  3. SFdoggy says:

    The food at heirloom is excellent; I am not sure whether I would recommend it for oldies. Unless something has changed, the noise level can be deafening (even by the standards of hip restaurants).

  4. Brillo says:

    “heirloom” and “kinfolk” might be a little too Little House for me. When will city slickers stop pretending they’re country? Wouldn’t last a day on a real farm.

  5. Andy says:

    Heirloom is amazing, with fresh, simple food not too dissimilar to Universal but with a bigger emphasis on wine. A great addition to the neighborhood in a beautifully renovated space that was vacant for ± 23 years. Definitely worth checking out.

  6. yourmom says:

    So tired of hipstery buzzword bullshit. Fuck Kinfolk, fuck Instagram, fuck your pretentious food blog, fuck this newfound obsession with locavore/slow food/artisanal/sustainable/small batch/farm-to-table, etc, . I don’t hate these things in particular, it’s just the mindless idiots that are trying to pull of a certain persona by subscribing to this way of life for shits and giggles/blog fodder. My eyes couldn’t roll harder at how transparent most of the asshats that are that are into these things are.

    FYI I’m sure this is a lovely restaurant with delicious food, I just don’t like Kinfolk.

  7. mike says:

    wth is this post

    • No Way says:

      A glimpse of rich hipsters in their natural environment. Unfortunately, they’re not an endangered species…