La Rondalla returning ‘by June at the latest’

So says Eater SF, who also recently published this tiny picture of the restaurant’s progress. Read on.

13 Responses to “La Rondalla returning ‘by June at the latest’”

  1. Hater says:

    Just in time for hipsters to ruin another once cool Mission icon

    • theloneliestmonk says:

      Only hipsters found La Rondalla “cool” in the first place; just as only hipsters use the term “hipster” as a pejorative.

  2. MrEricSir says:

    Why do all the photos of La Rondalla’s interior look like they were shot through some kind of blurry time vortex?

  3. trixrforkids says:

    same old food poisoning at gentrified prices. can’t f’ing wait!

  4. LSC says:

    hm. I really really hope they improve the food quality. Despite my iron stomach, i remember twice getting kind of sick after eating there 10-15 years ago. I never went back!

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    YES! The return of the finest margaritas in San Francisco! I can’t wait.

  6. I will be there at least once before I depart this fucked city.

  7. wizzer says:

    Hope they got rid of the rats. I’m not a big fan of rat burritos.