The Dead Milkmen deliver a San Francisco-themed ‘Bitchin Camaro’ rant

They played a sold-out show at Slim’s last Thursday night, and I’m sure this rendition of “Bitchin’ Camaro,” full of praise for San Francisco, Philadelphia, reality television and gay marriage, was a highlight:

(Thanks, Uselysses!)

12 Responses to “The Dead Milkmen deliver a San Francisco-themed ‘Bitchin Camaro’ rant”

  1. AttF says:

    I think this is more evidence of the fact that Dead Milkmen hadn’t been here in 19 years. I grew up just outside of Philly and go back every 6 months for family, friends, weddings, funerals, etc. Philly and SF aren’t very similar at all these days. I have a lot of love for Philly, but it is far more angry, dirty, and cheap than SF.

    It was a great show, though.

  2. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    Funny thing… I have no fucking idea what The Dead Fucking Milkmen sound like… I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but it is funny, to me, that I’m commenting on a blog where knowledge of what the Dead Milkmen sound like seems to be a given.

    For me, of course, knowledge of what The Dictators sounded like would be a given. Ah, memories!

    • Handsome Dick Manitoba says:

      you suck!

      • Beefy Jerk says:

        No, The Dictators suck! You got nuthin’, hear me? Nuthin’!!! You phoney! Your fuckin’ bar sucks too! Go bathe your tiny nutsack in the Gowanis Canal, dirtbag!

        • Allan Hough says:

          We just got an email from Handsome Dick Manitoba requesting that the person who posted using his name please desist. Looks to me like that was a one-off gag, but I figured I’d mention it, in the interest of setting straight anyone who might’ve thought Handsome Dick Manitoba was really reading this thread and decided to tell Moutarde he sucks.

  3. mike says:

    SF hipsters would have they asses beat in Philly in like 2 minutes.

  4. Tom in SFCA says:

    Six minutes of bullshit for 45 seconds of music?

    What is this, MTV?

  5. surlyinsf says:

    was curious to know how they would handle the not so PC “crystal shit” cover of “love me two times” that precedes bitchin camaro on the cd…not sure that song would fly in SF in 2012.

    • AttF says:

      wow, I completely forgot about that..”love me two times baby, cuz I got AIDS”…guess they are more savvy these days.

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Such a great fucking show. Best I’ve been to in ages in ages.

  7. Jorf says:

    Please remember they’re a punk band and don’t give a shit.

  8. Huh says:

    Who the hell is Uselysses? My friend shot this video.