The art of an incredibly trippy 3D-seeming animated GIF

Our pal Doc Pop, often a proponent of digital technology over analog, has been experimenting with film lately, and today he mashed digital and analog up by making a batch of killer GIFs from photos he took with some crazy old camera with four lenses.

Amongst all the crummy old loaner cameras in the Noisebridge dark room I found a Nishika N8000, a camera that shoots 4 side by side lenses that trigger simultaneously to capture multiple points of an object. These cameras shoot on common 35mm film, but the final process of printing on lenticular prints is a bit of a pain, so I decided to try my hand at animating each shot as a .gif.

Read on for the rest of the pics and a thorough explanation of his process.

6 Responses to “The art of an incredibly trippy 3D-seeming animated GIF”

  1. zm says:

    Hah. That guy in the picture is named Lloyd. Nice guy; dry sense of humor.

  2. andrew says:

    Hmm.. I bet that could be used to make a labor-intensive but awesome music video. It reminds me of the RJD2 1976 video with less compositing

  3. Wow this is amazing! The 3D effect is so cool….I have never seen a 3D picture moving like this before.

  4. omtravac says:

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