Brand-new Rhea’s Deli coming soon to 20th and Bryant!

Over the weekend, neighbors received Notice of Building Permit Application packets detailing a planned second Rhea’s Deli location on the southwest corner of 20th and Bryant in the space formerly occupied by Deli-Up Cafe. This is huge. (I liked Deli-Up because it was a rare deli that offered crinkle-cut french fries as a side dish, but c’mon — ANOTHER RHEA’S!)

Unlike the original Rhea’s, as you can see, this one’s gonna have a ton of seating, so presumably the vibe will be much more eatery and much less corner store. A welcome addition to this corner of the neighborhood! (And the documents below state that the business name will be Rhea’s Cafe, which would make the distinction even clearer.)

UPDATE: Mike Chino brings up an excellent point:

Mike:  holy cow new rheas is exciting
me:  yupppppp
Mike:  i bet this means they’ll be bringing back the katsu
Mike:  james said they had to stop making it due to permitting/zoning something something

I guess they weren’t allowed a fryer? Hopefully this place will have a fryer! (Shit, maybe they’ll even bring back crinkle-cut fries!)

More pics and details after the jump. (Thanks, David!)


21 Responses to “Brand-new Rhea’s Deli coming soon to 20th and Bryant!”

  1. tastr says:

    Will they have access to the back patio?

  2. Thom says:

    I have been wondering if eating food has become the extent of the Mission’s culture.

    • Allan Hough says:

      Don’t forget ping pong, bro.

    • Dick Jams says:

      Eating is literally 1/2 things to do in any place… and you can’t drink all day long…. or does thrift store shopping and buying La Raza inspired artwork count as Mission culture?

    • jack acid says:

      It’s a huge part of HUMAN culture — don’t be narrow.

    • scum says:

      Most of the culture in The Mission now days is the kind that clinics deal with.

    • Chris says:

      This blog is pretty worthless if you’re looking for Mission culture. It’s great if you want to mock the “hip” yuppies, though.

      • Ariel Dovas says:

        Amazed how unaware you seem of how your use of something affects your experience with that thing.

        Also amazed how unaware of your own hypocrisy you are, still spending so much time here trying to hold us accountable to your bizarre standards, while continually changing your name to avoid accountability.


        • Chris says:

          I “used” this blog back when it was good. I’m not the only one who feels this way.

          Changing my moniker isn’t to “avoid accountability.” I’m pretty sure it’s clear it’s me most of the time.

          Give us less consumerism and more of anything else and we’ll probably be more appreciative. Go back a few years and read the stuff you used to post. It’s a lot better compared to constantly hyping the same set of over-priced restaurants and bars.

          For what it’s worth, you and Vic Wong probably post the best stuff. I would consider myself to be rude, insensitive, overly blunt before hypocritical, but whatever you think is fine. The standards, however, are hardly bizarre. More culture and less consumerism. Instead of cozying up to a couple business owners and hyping them ad naseum, take us to new and interesting places with new and interesting people. Spotlighting some of the NGO work you do was a good move in that direction. The Mission has a lot more to do with that sort of thing than it does with whatever over-priced restaurant just opened. If you do more of the former (community based shit) and less of the latter (hyping expensive food) you’ll find that people get less annoyed when you do the hyping and you’ll probably be providing better content and a better service to the community you’re named after. It’s also striking that most of the posts that aren’t based on food or fashion are about crime. Sort of gives a skewed impression of the neighborhood, no? There’s all sorts of ways we could critique that combo, right? I’m sure you can think of a few, so I won’t lecture you.

          I can go read other blogs, and sometimes my feedback is not constructive, but it also isn’t simply random or just trolling. This space could be better and it purports to represent a vibrant part of SF that many of us know and love. If it was “Allan’s food blog” I doubt you’d attract the same level of criticism (and would likely have fewer readers). Because it isn’t, because it’s named MissionMission and because the content here is really skewed, you’ll have commenters like me (and we know I’m not the only one) giving y’all a hard time about it.

          • Ariel Dovas says:

            The accountability thing is more about the other readers/commenters thinking that there are more people who are as grumpy as you than there actually are.

            But thanks, this is a very constructive response, for the most part. Though I don’t think we have as many detractors as you think we do, or they say nice things to our faces and mean things when they’re hiding in their homes. We all know how notoriously negative internet commenters are. I understand that you might not want to spend your time thoughtfully critiquing every post we put up, but I have a hard time understanding why you’d bother to continually post things like “You guys are so sad.” I don’t think you can see that as helpful, so your righteous quest loses its steam most of the time and it seems more like you’re just coming here to blow off said steam. (mixing metaphors!!) Your assumptions about why we post what we do is often wrong, though, but you don’t seem very interested in that. You could always start a better alternative, it’s free, and we’d link to it, like with Cranky Old Mission Guy. I agree with your general thoughts about what we could do more of. It’s hard to find time to do the more substantive stories that I’d like to put up here.

            Anyway, I feel like in general shitting all over what people are putting out there, rather than suggesting something better or just clicking away, is a bummer way to spend your time. I appreciate the thoughtful criticism, but the consistent negativity is contagious (I think because of how easy it is to get away with) and makes it more difficult to have thoughtful discussions here from time to time, which discourages that effort. I’m not saying we can’t take it, or don’t sometimes deserve it, just that it can be a drag without encouraging us to do what we do any better.

            Thanks for taking the time to give me a better idea of where you’re coming from.

      • Ted says:

        It’s not the blog’s fault that most of the people moving into the neighborhood are office workers – the very definition of conventional. I’m just surprised about how fast the change has happened.

  3. scum says:

    The further from Valencia, the shorter the lines.

  4. Milk Steak says:

    Geez sandwiches are really blowing up in the Mission. Before, it seemed Rhea’s and Ike’s were the only options, now Bar Tartine, Gestalt, that bar next to Foreign Cinema, that Marina bar across from Delirium – Gordon Biersch? – plus Pal’s, that Jewish deli… I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch. Sandwiches are the new pickled-such-and-such.

  5. paul says:

    Crinkle cut fries are the king if french fries.

  6. Bob Dole says:

    Rhea’s is legit though. Hopefully they won’t get full of themselves and start adding organic this-organic that and charge $15 for their sandwiches.

  7. tastr says:

    i’m stoked for another option besides mr pickles. mr pickles rules, and i love them because their tofu is amazing, but a little competition might speed up how long it takes to get said tofu sandwich from damn near 20 minutes to something more reasonable, like 10.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Yum. A new sandwich joint is always a good thing.

    PS. The “are you a spammer bro” question is silly because of the inclusion of the word “bro”. Consider deleting that silly, silly term, Mission Mission.